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My command

Everyone gathered in the Ritual Hall to welcome the Master from his Solitude. Each year, mid-winter he withdrew from the worldly affairs, spending time in deep contemplation, tuning his nervous system to receive guidance from the Great Seven. Early spring his Devotees would welcome him to transmit the teachings and announce his wishes for the next cycle. He wasn't a God but he was a channel to the Gods, and thus had complete authority over the realm. His wish was everyone's command. And so, in tune with the highest manifestation, the society prospered in the most magical of ways. Prosperous and peaceful, there was plenty of time for creativity and study.

And the Master was just, always wishing the best for his people, introducing innovative ways of meeting the challenges, technologies no one could even dream of. With each Spring Transmission the Devotees would rejoice in the new found instructions, the guidance. The wisdom would reverberate throughout the cycle.

And so, here they gathered, in simple ceremony. The hall was silent, peaceful, receptive. And then, silently, the Master appeared, making his way through the spiral of Devotees into the centre, assuming his place on the throne. Remaining deep in meditation he raised the beloved symbol to mark the beginning. Minds and hearts open, they all aligned to receive his wishes for the cycle. This was always done in silence, each receiving the Master's wishes that concerned them, learning what part they're going to play. As the field unified, they would receive the transmission that concerned the whole. No matter which Order they belonged to, this was a time of union, of ecstasy, expansion, like no other. They've all been waiting for this joyous moment.

Last year was especially spectacular, and the progress they've made since has been out of fantasy books. Clearing their minds, open to the unknown, trusting. And so it begins. Each, simultaneously receiving the wish, absorbing it's meaning with every cell of their being. Curious, focused, fully present. One heard a voice in his head with clear instructions. Another saw images align one after the other. A third just knew what had to be done. A few eyebrows jerked in surprise, knowing they would follow the wish wholeheartedly. Knowing that the mystery is greater than a single man and his limited foresight. Knowing that it can only bring peace and prosperity, equality among all, as it has done to their parents, grandparents, and to all those who came before them. Surrounded by them all, the Master had a faint feeling of uneasiness this year. The vibration felt slightly different during the Solitude, nothing he could clearly pinpoint. And yet he knew better, he knew to trust.

With the transmission complete, the spiral started unraveling with each recipient ending the ceremony in acknowledgment before the Master. One by one, each Devotee, Order by Order, bowing slightly before the Master, murmuring the words of devotion. “Your wish is my command.” Looking at each of them, all these dear people – the flute player, the scholar of the stars, the crops singer - each embracing their talents, all equal pieces of the puzzle. As one of them, from the Order of Silence approached him, there was an echo of that earlier feeling, a warning from the depths of his soul. Bowing his head, the simple monk murmured “Your wish... is my command.” And only one person in the hall knew the true meaning of that.

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