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A light disorientation

I run towards the light. Faster, up the hill, towards the horizon. We've been in the dark for so long, my cells scream for it. Up and up hoping to reach the peak so I can see the source of this light, this light that is growing brighter and brighter. Is it a real sunrise? A deprived frenzy propelling me forward, scrambling my way up. Light! Light! I need to see I it, I need to... Now it's so steep I'm crawling my way up, my hands gripping, fast, faster. Light! Light!

“Watch out! Stop!!!” a panicked voice cuts through the light ejecting me out of trance. I feel the earth with my fingers, floating in light so bright I can no longer see where I am, realising I must be on the edge. Saved by the warning, disorientated, confused, down the hill I must go to safety, down the hill. Blinded by light, stuck in the mud of the reality, how will I find my way?

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