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From behind he could almost be recognised, but the moment he turned towards you, you no longer knew his name. It was unfortunate for him and truly a unique case of prosopagnosia. He had no difficulties remembering, and yet people stared at him blankly in return. “Sorry... Have we met before?” A true conspiracy indeed but one who's cause he could not determine.

There was the other side of the coin of course. He soon learnt that there is no difference between those he could remember and those whose faces were to him what his face was to them. Instead of hoping for a recognition, he embraced his fate. He realised that some people, no longer sure of themselves, compensated for their lack of familiarity. If he approached them confidently they would cave in and do what he would ask them to, suddenly uncertain whether they actually owed him money, or whether it really was him who dropped off the dry cleaning the day before. Perhaps it was lucky after all, this unique prosopagnosia of his.

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